Is it Friday already? Have we really come to the end of the first week? It’s been so exciting, I don’t want it to end, but it must…

So to go out with a bang I’m going to start everyone off with a short recap of our week. On Sunday, the 15th May, we had our first Morning Muse post where I reviewed ‘Strange Angels’ by Lili St. Crow. On Monday, I gave everyone a not-so-brief overview of what can be expected on this blog. Finally, Wednesday brought with it our first writing exercise which was centred around ideas. Tuesday and Thursday were postless, however, I did do a guest column on ‘bad guys’ over at Baffled Books, which you’re all free to go take a look at if you’d like.

Next on our agenda is a look at what you can expect next week starting Sunday. The weekly Morning Muse posts will continue with next week’s book being a contemporary YA novel called ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins. I’ve decided that I can’t expect to review the same types of books week after week because after a while we’ll all stop benefiting from it. So I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and pick up YA books that aren’t really my thing and I’m going to give them a chance. Monday will be reserved for letting you know where I think I’m at as a writer and between Monday and Wednesday, I’ll give more writing exercises. On Thursday I’ll be going another post over at Baffled Books and you can check that out and on Friday I’ll be giving a recap of that week.

Next up is a more in depth discussion of our Wednesday writing exercise. I completed the exercise as expected and I’ll share one of my ideas:

What if a cheerleader is sent to the hospital after suffering from a serious allergic reaction to nuts?

How? – Someone crushed up the nuts and slipped the powder/fragments into the cheerleader’s lipgloss because they know she has a habit of licking it off.

When? – This is part of the mystery.

Who? – The cheerleader’s little sister’s best friend *gasp*

Why? – The boy got it in his head that the little sister would love him if he got rid of her older sister, who disapproved of him and their friendship.

Let me apologise if this seemed in any way confusing but even though I wrote this idea down, a lot of the information on it still ends up stored away in my head, it’s just the way I work and I’m trying to change it. Moving on, I had tons of fun doing the exercise because I got to look up tons of information, which I then manipulated into different scenarios. One random piece of information: The scenario I described in my Wednesday post is actually happening in Bangladesh minus the mermaids and the science experiments. The sea levels are rising taking up the land, ruining crops and forcing people inward. See how inspiring world news can be?nest

I hope everyone got something out of doing this exercise even if it only helped you make your writing quota for the day. Feel free to leave comments to share your ideas or to make suggestions. You can also email me at

Have a great weekend!

K, the Popinjay.