So it’s Friday morning and I’m lying in my bed, what an awesome way to start the day, right? But let’s get down to business so you guys can get back to being yourselves.

First, I’d like to announce that I have my very own work-in-progress!!!! This blog is most definitely working for me! I feel uber enthusiastic about this piece. Secondly, I re-joined Inkpop, which is a really cool writing community, you guys should probably check it out. Thirdly, I’m super excited about the changes coming to the blog!  Aren’t you? I made brief mentions of all the changes but I’ll give you a second head’s up.

On Sunday, everyone can look forward to the new Classics Corner, which will be a weekly review on a chosen classic. These reviews will not be focused on criticising the author’s work but rather looking at the areas from which we can learn. Because the Classics Corner will be a joint effort between Words That Fly and Baffled Books, each blog will take turns hosting the review. I’ll be doing the first review as well as conducting and hosting it whereas next week, the article will be posted on Baffled Books.

Mondays will be used for our Morning Musepondersome cat post. As of right now I cannot tell you what will be reviewed because I still haven’t decided yet *Sigh*. Wednesdays will continue to be dedicated to writing exercises and writing prompts and Fridays we can use for whatever you’d like. Saturdays are reserved for special occasions, Tuesdays have been chosen to host interviews if I should have any and Thursdays will bring my weekly feature for Birds’ Eye View hosted on Baffled Books.

As I said earlier, today we’ll have a short post. Keep working on your writing prompts and put lots of effort into your research. Good luck everyone!


K, the Popinjay.