So technically my Friday post is supposed to be a summary of the week’s event but I wanted to add on to what I’ve said about  good characters.

So as I said, good characters aren’t created when you make a detailed character sheet but they can’t hurt. Having an idea is always a nice thing. You decide your character is a tender soul, it’s very black and white. When you do character development exercises you’ll learn when that soul hardens, a character sheet won’t tell you that.

Now I’ve managed to say that… let’s get on with business! On Sunday I implemented the new Classics Corner feature and reviewed Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. On Monday, I reviewed Entwined by Heather Dixonhamster with cake for my Morning Muse post. On Wednesday I went on a very long spiel about creating vivid characters through realistic dialogue and action and I also gave you guys a writing exercise aimed at helping with character development. I’m planning to upload a short story featuring Katherine and Danny on Inkpop. For anyone who wants to check it out you can message me for a link to my profile.

Remember to look out for Sunday’s Classics Corner over at Baffled Books, compliments of K.

Have a great weekend everyone!

K, the Popinjay.