It’s Friday! That means that this evening when I come home from work… I can sleep and turn off my alarm and not worry about anything… Oh blessed weekend, where have you been all week?

Anyway let’s cut to the chase because I’m tired and more than a little antsy. I’ve got plans for this blog. I’m planning on changing up the Friday post so that it’s no longer a summary. You’re probably all dancing and singing about this and I can’t blame you, a summary of the week really isn’t necessary, it’s like a big filler where I waste lots of people’s time. I’ve got a couple ideas of what I’m going to do instead but more details will follow.

I’m going to update the About page and maybe fiddle with the site’s design…we’ll see how that goes. I’ll also be adding some ‘Top five’ features as well as a thing where I may give you heads up on books I plan to read during the week. To make this all simple: there are a lot of ideas bouncing around my head and I’m taking the time to work them all out. I’ll give you more info when I’ve sorted through the details. Until then.

Stay tuned!

K, the Popinjay.