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So it’s another beautiful Wednesday and for those of you who have noticed… Words That Fly has had makeover!!! Let’s all thank Lisa from Baffled Books for this much needed facelift because if you’d had to depend on me, I’d still be fiddling with the background. Anyway, today’s topic is drive and it has nothing to do with a car.

As writers, we’re encouraged  to write daily because the only way to improve our craft is to practise. However, this is easier said than done. At least for me. I can always find something else to do when I should be writing. I can go for ages without sitting down and cranking out a couple words because almost anything is easier than writing. Seriously. Writing is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life but I love it.

So if I love it, why don’t I write more? Simple. Because my joy in writing cannot overcome my fear of imperfection and I’ll find any and every excuse to get out of writing. Sometimes I’ll find myself sitting, all the relevant materials at hand, no excuses available and yet I cannot bring myself to write. I cannot bring my hand to the pen, nor the pen to the paper. I just can’t.

All of this happens because of a simple lack of drive. It’s my inability to push myself to do something I want to do. My inability to force myself to act when I rather not. My inability to start a task when the beginning is always the hardest part. Lack of drive can stop the urge to write dead in its tracks and hold it there, captive forever.

So how do we get through  this? Because obviously we  have to do something to get through this difficult time. I can’t offer any clear-cut advice but I can offer some that works for me.

Writing Exercise 8:

Sit down at a desk in a comfortable chair with something you can write with. What you’re going to do is write an essay. The contents of this essay are as follows:

  1. When and why did you start writing?
  2. Why do you like writing?
  3. Who are your favourite authors and how did they get to that point in the writing career?
  4. Why do you think you should keep writing?

The point of this essay will be that you start writing something, you will remind yourself why you started writing in the first place, you will gain a visual of where you could end up if you keep writing and you decide for yourself why you should write. By the time you’re done, you will have started to get back into a writing groove and you’ll be ready to go. Or so we hope. Sometimes more is necessary so do not be afraid to take additional steps to achieving your goals.

Always write,

K, the Popinjay.