sunflowerNo, I am not guilty of murder, nor do I drink straight from the cartoon. I would say I don’t have bad taste in music either but my housemate would say something very different. It’s not a big deal, neither should it be very surprising, but it’s something I’d like to share with you all if you’d let me. Here goes…

I love to read.

Yes, this is my confession. As a writer with a writing blog sometimes I wonder if my Morning Muse posts are an act of rebellion. I should be concentrating on my own writing, shouldn’t I? Not worrying about the writing of others who have already tasted success. But no! That’s not right! My love of reading came about when I was very young and this turned itself into a love of books and eventually a love of writing.

This seems like a very natural course of event. I love something and hence I want to create things similar to those things I love. Simple, yes? In fact, it’s the way things seem to flow for the majority of writers. They love reading and they love books and eventually they discovered a love for writing. Yet I’ve seen evidence to suggest (it’s not very much thank goodness) that some writers try not to read for fear that it might take up too much of their writing time, be a distraction, or be so good that they unconsciously take elements from the pieces they’re writing.

While understandable fears, at the same time I balk in horror at the very idea. Not read? Ever? What is this madness? Hopefully such thoughts have been cured even if it renders this post out-dated because a world where writers don’t read is a sad world indeed.

jonquil flowerNow that I think about it, some of my worst dry writing periods have occurred when I wasn’t able to get my hand on any books. This just goes to show that books are part of our inspiration and without them as writers we could not have anything to aspire to. I secretly wish to one day be able to write as eloquently as Meg Cabot, Lauren Oliver, Suzanne Collins or Lilith Saintcrow. I don’t honestly believe that I’ll ever get there… but that hasn’t stopped me from trying and trying very hard.

I love to read. And I love to write. I love reading someone’s finished work and creating my own. I find great joy in stories whether they be mine or someone else’s and I’m never letting anyone change my mind.

Keep reading, keep writing,

K, the Popinjay.