Ever since my last Classics Corner where I reviewed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’ve been on Lewis Carroll kick. Seriously, I’ve wanted to find out more about this guy who wrote so differently from the norm. What I want to review today though is a poem he wrote. When I came across it, it spoke to me. It just reminded me of my work-in-progress and I had to look at it. It’s called The Fairy.

I have a fairy by my side

Which says I must not sleep,

When once in pain I loudly cried

It said, “You must not weep.”

I thought this was the most lovely poem. I’m a sucker for poems that rhyme as they’re the only ones that usually make any sense to me. This was most definitely not a nonsense poem. Whenever the narrator does something, the fairy tells him that ‘He musn’t’. This is something we can all relate to. When we were young our parents tell us we can’t do this or that and never usually give us a reason. Eventually, when we ask why we can’t do something or we dare to question them, it leaves them astounded and they usually can’t find an answer.

So, imagine what it must’ve been like for children when Lewis Carroll wrote this poem. Talking back was unheard of. It was common idea that children could be seen but not heard. To me this poem is a play on this. It makes fun of how children cannot ask questions, cannot do anything, and cannot ask questions. Thank goodness the times have changed.

Besides that, the poem was just a pleasure to read. The beautiful rhymes, the mythical elements and an underlying moral. Lewis Carroll was a genius with words and I believe there’s a lot to be learnt from the way he uses words and could tell a story by using poems.

I plan to continue to explore Lewis Carroll’s written works including his poems even though I’m not really a poem fan. Classics Corner has been a really lovely exercise in discovering the works of long dead authors. I hope you all do some exploring of your own.

Have a lovely night.

K, the Popinjay.