So today’s post is tragically late. I’m sick. Again. The third time for the summer in fact. Obviously something has destroyed my immune system and I’m cursed to spend the rest of my life having a cold/flu. However, late last night I found my cat who’s been missing since Sunday, so celebrations are in order.

Instead of a thousand word post on some random topic of my choosing we will have a writing prompt! Or three! Muahahahahahahaha! Muahahahahahaha! Muahahahahahaha!

Writing Prompt 2:

So the following prompts are all parts of paragraphs that you should use in a piece of writing of at least one thousand words.  Here we go!

  1. “Are you serious?” Elisabeth looked down, a small smile tugging at her lips. She looked different somehow. Under her pale brown hair and  ivory skin, there was something new. Something that brought a flush to her cheeks and a sparkle to her eyes. It was something that could tear us apart.
  2. The world ended on a Sunday. I remember it quite clearly because everyone in town would go to church and would sit in the small chapel and would sit an sweat in silence. I didn’t like to be quiet or to sit still. Never had and probably never will. It saved my life that day.
  3. I was going to die. It wouldn’t be slow but it would be very painful. I didn’t like the idea of the pain or the dying. I didn’t like thinking about the fact that I would eventually trip over something or my legs would give out and then something dangerous would shred my skin and rip my neck out. So I kept running. Even as my legs quivered and my lungs burned. I just had to keep running.


And there we have it! Writing prompts by me! And they’re all lovely specimens, if I do say so myself. I hope you guys choose to do at least one of them and come up with a dashingly interesting story. Until next time.


K, the Popinjay.