Words cannot express how happy I am that this week is finally coming to a close. How do I get so tired in the space of five days? It’s a mystery. But no fear! Those two wonderful days are coming when I don’t have to jump out of bed while outside is still cold. Oh, the thought makes me want to dance. But enough of that!

As you all might know, I revamped my rating system. Therefore, as of Saturday my reviews have resulted in fair, consisted ratings and I plan to go through all past reviews and re-rate my books so that these ratings will be consistent as well. I decided this had to be done because by the end of every review I would always be torn between my emotional response to the book and wanting to be nice. Luckily, all the books I’ve reviewed so far have been at least reasonably good so their ratings would not have been anything less than desirable. However, I found that the ratings I gave seem biased somehow. But no more!

How does my new rating system work you ask? It’s actually quite simple. The ratings are out of five stars and being the optimistic individual I am, I start every book with the expectation that it will have that five star rating. My review is divided into two main parts: General Comment and Critical Review. The general comment section simply reflects my purely emotional response to the book and carries a weight of one and a half stars because I believe the emotional response a reader has to a book is very important. The critical review section is divided into four parts. The Cover and Blurb subsection carries a weight of half a star because we really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. The Author’s Voice/ POV, Characters, and Storyline/ Plot subsections all carry a weight of one star each. Hence the five star rating.

Depending on how well I think the book did under each section I either detract from the stars that that section carries or I leave it. For example, if I think a story was rather bland and did nothing for me whatsoever and I didn’t finish I’ll probably detract the full one and a half star from the General Comment section. If it was just so-so, I’d detract a star. If I think it was okay to good, then half a star goes. If the story is unbelievably good and I get excited just thinking about it, it keeps the full one and a half stars. Simple, right? The same goes for the other sections except for Cover and Blurb where I’ll only detract the half star if one or both are EXTREMELY BAD.

I feel like this is the sensible thing to do and that it’s fair to anyone who actually reads my reviews. You get a truly honest review with the equivalent rating. There will be no confusion caused by a rating and a review that clash. Everything is in harmony as it should be and an enormous weight as been lifted off my chest. As I change my ratings, I’ll also be uploading my reviews unto Goodreads. May you all find my ratings and reviews prove useful.

Live long and prosper.

K, the Popinjay.