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Ah, another Monday. Another early morning and another busy day. Do I sound less than eager to face the coming week? Well, maybe just a little. But I am extremely excited to bring to you another review! It is my great pleasure to announce that I’ll be reviewing Legacy by Cayla Kluver. This was a book that caught my interest from the moment I saw it’s cover and read the description. And it brings me no greater joy than to have read it and then be able to share my heartfelt review with you.


I noticed his eyes. They were blue, sharp and intense. Despite the youthful glows of his suntanned face, his eyes were cold and unfriendly, suggesting he had great experience in the world and was now expecting the worst.

In her seventeenth year, Princess Alera of Hytanica faces one duty: to marry the man who will be king. But her father’s choice of suitor fills her with despair.

When the palace guard captures and intruder—a boy her age with steel-blue eyes, hailing from her kingdom’s greatest enemy—Alera is alarmed…and intrigued. But she could not have guessed that their clandestine meetings would unveil the dark legacy shadowing both their lands.

In this mystical world of court conspiracies and blood magic, loyalties will be tested. Courage won’t be enough. And as the battle begins for everything Alera holds dear, love may be the downfall of a kingdom.

General Comments

EPIC. It is the only word that can adequately describe this book. There is just so much to this story, so much going on, that at some points I simply could not understand how the author managed to keep it all together. I cannot fathom the patience, the skill, and the shear amount of time and effort that went into making sure that this story did not simply unravel as I read. Somehow I managed to forget that this is just the first book in a trilogy. As I got closer and closer to the end, I kept looking for a resolution but nothing substantial came. As I sit here writing, I feel so many emotions: concern, sympathy, pity, curiosity. And I just want to know what happens next. I need to know. I can already see that Cayla Kluver has created a most compelling story containing an elaborate world and believable characters. I can also see that she’ll gain countless fans who will wait with bated breath for the second and third instalments of this new trilogy.

Critical Review

Author’s POV/ Voice:

The author uses the first person POV. As you might know, I prefer this style because of the way it allows the reader to really get into the character’s head. The fantasies that I’ve read aren’t usually written in first person so this was an interesting difference. I found that I could imagine Alera speaking to me in the exact, tell-it-like-it-is voice. However, I thought that the book was extremely wordy and unnecessarily descriptive. I’m not sure if anyone would really understand what I mean by wordy but it’s the impression that struck me as I read. The over-descriptive writing could be attributed to the fact that this story reads like a fantasy. However, there was really no need for such an overuse of adjectives. I decided to look past these flaws and kept reading intently while I was not disappointed I feel like the author took away from the book by not cutting away at the unnecessary descriptions. Despite these flaws, she kept a nice and extremely steady pace. Not many authors can claim to do that.


Alera was a bit of a disappointment to be honest. I started to read expecting a strong female protagonist or at least one who showed promise. However, whenever I saw the snatches of potential Alera would always do something to make me ashamed on her behalf. I couldn’t help the feeling that at times the author exaggerated her childishness just so that another character could properly reprimand her. It felt like a waste because towards the end, she began to show true potential but somehow I felt it would’ve been nicer if her flaws hadn’t been over-exaggerated from the beginning..

London is a mystery. With each twist and turn of the story I can’t help but want to know more and more about this mysterious man. I can’t say much without being accused of spoilers but he was beautifully handled in the way the author revealed some of the truth to clear up our curiosity while introducing new mysteries quite smoothly.

Steldor is portrayed as a less than perfect person, which is understandable and we can easily doubt that he has any real feelings for the princess in the beginning. But somewhere near the middle of the story, something changes in him and we see him becoming someone different. We begin to question if he’s a better person than we originally gave him credit for. We also begin to wonder if he does feel something for Alera. By the end, Steldor becomes something more and it is an interesting transformation to watch.

Narian is my absolute favourite character. He just has such a quiet charm to him that he draws us in without us realising we’re caught until we try to get away. I thought he was beautifully written and that the way he gradually opened up to Alera was one of the most graceful things I’ve ever seen (read).

Storyline/ Plot:

This story blew my socks off. It must be the combination of two well-crafted societies as well as the wonderful intricacy of the story being told. While there was one part that made me do the whole face palm thing, it still more or less worked and made a wonderful story.

Cover & Blurb:

This is a beautiful cover, which is perfectly suited to the story contained within the book. It captures some of the elegance that is ingrained within the author’s very writing. The blurb or description that I read interested me, but somehow I think the cover did most of the talking.

Rating Conclusion

Legacy by Cayla Kluver gets a 4 out of 5! I really did like this story. While I did think it was wordy and overly descriptive, those were things I could ignore and things which were overshadowed by genius with which the author kept this story together and flowing smoothly all the way.

Another day, another NetGalley July read! I’m so proud of myself. Even though July is nearly over I’m halfway through my NetGalley July list and I plan to push things into high gear this week. Can anyone say book coma?

Read, read, read!

K, the Popinjay

Disclaimer: This story was received from the publisher, Harlequin, via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.