Good morning everyone! It’s Monday! But it’s Crop Over here so there’s no work! Just endless fun in the sun (*starts doing happy dance).

First, a bit of bad news. I’ve been sick on and off for the last four weeks and finally went to the doctor. He said that basically my immune system was shot and that my cold had given me a respiratory tract infection. Then he weighed me which made me realise I’d somehow managed to lose ten pounds in the last month. Without trying. So… We came to an agreement where I promised to relax a bit because I’ve been trying to do so much even though I’m always so tired. I’ve decided that I’ll be giving my side of Classics Corner a rest for a bit. K from Baffled Books is determined to continue so you’ll still have his lovely posts to look forward to.

Some not so bad new now? My Morning Muse post is postpones until tomorrow or Wednesday. It all depends on when I get back home to press the Publish button. So have a lovely day everyone. I most certainly will.

Happy August 1st!!!

K, the Popinjay.