So today, while at work, I asked one of my fellow interns to check out my blog. I really did want feedback and I felt comfortable asking her. The post that stood out to her was last Friday’s post on Crop Over where I started to talk about culture and how history shapes a society. We had a short discussion about it but it stayed on my mind all day.

I always knew world-building was a big part of any story but very rarely are readers exposed to the full extent of what some writers create. Most of the time, writers only expose tiny parts of the world they’ve laboured over but all the rest of the work they’ve put into it, adds to it, and makes it more realistic. That’s when I had a brilliant idea. Why not create a writing exercise based on world building? As I turned the idea over in my head, I concluded that maybe this shouldn’t be just a simple writing exercise. World building is complex and it takes both time and research. Even though one week might be adequate for a few of us, others get their best ideas when they’ve had plenty of time to mull over a concept and consider all the possibilities.

To say it simply: I’m proposing Words That Fly’s first Writing Challenge. For now I’ve settled on it being a two week challenge where I break down everything I want to say into two posts: one to be published on Wednesday 7th September, 2011 and the second on Wednesday 14th September, 2011. Everyone will have two weeks, that is, from the 7th to the 21st of September to construct a makeshift world. And by world, I don’t mean a whole planet. I’m talking about a society, at least, with consideration for the fact that it does not exist in a vacuum and that other societies might affect it.

In my planned posts, I’ll try to discuss some of the inter-related effects of religion, climate, history etc., on things like dress, architecture, and language. I will also try to provide links to helpful articles on world building as well as to give you guys my opinion on them, in the form of helpful discussions. I will do this exercise along with you guys and quite possibly, I’ll give you guys some sneak peeks if I don’t think them too embarrassing.

So, this means this week’s writing exercise is cancelled. I’ll give you guys a chance to think about all I’ve had to say and come to a decision. At the end of the two weeks, depending on how it’s gone I’ll add on a mini-exercise or just give a few bits of advice I’ve learned during these years of staring at writing articles. So any thoughts? Anyone want to commit to trying it? You can leave a comment stating your intent or you can participate anonymously and be secret and ninja-like. Either way I’d be glad to have you. I’m so excited, aren’t you?

Happy Friday!

K, the Popinjay.

NOTICE: I came to a decision after posting this that maybe it was too short notice for some people. Therefore, I pushed the dates back to September. Hopefully this is more convenient and it should make for a much richer experience.