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TGIF @ GReadsI’ve decided to take part in a weekly feature hosted by Ginger from GReads and it’s called TGIF @ GReads! Basically, Ginger uses it to do a short recap on that week’s posts as well as to pose a question to her followers.

This Friday’s question:

Author Block Party: If you could gather a handful of authors to hang out with, who would you choose?

leigh3Leigh Fallon

Why? Because she’s so fun and super down to earth. I feel like I can relate to her and I’m  not married with four kids and moving between two countries! Most of all, she seems like the sort of person who puts people at ease instantly. If I was having a block party, I’d definitely need her around so that I had someone I felt comfortable talking to.


LilithSaintcrowLilith Saint Crow

She’s a definite must on my list for several reasons. Firstly, she’s the author of the Dru Anderson series which is awesome beyond belief. Go read it now. Secondly, she’s super funny and totally honest. I’m sure that I’d be laughing my head of five minutes into a conversation with her and then next minute we could be totally serious as she’s sharing something I agree with completely.


H.P.MalloryH. P. Mallory

I don’t really know much about her. Actually, I only know that she wrote Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble. It’s my belief that I need to meet anyone who writes a book like that. This block party will be an awesome ice breaker, especially with all the other cool authors who are here.


megbiophotoMeg Cabot

Meg Cabot would be there. She would probably be the guest of honour. What can I say about her? Well, she’s one of my favourite authors of all times, I’ve read almost all her books, I followed her blog/ online ‘diary’ for ages checking for new posts DAILY. She’s fun, she’s sweet, she’s just about everything I want to be eventually but without all the pink, fuzzy stuff. Meg. I love you. End of gushing.


Who would you choose?

K, the Popinjay.