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Hey guys, so today’s post is going to be a little different. In the past couple weeks I’ve been doing tons of ‘blogger stuff’ such as looking for interesting new blogs etc. In the process I managed to find one called Write It Sideways, which is currently putting out a series of posts entitled 101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips. Each tip comes with a link to at least one website elaborating on the advice given.

They’re currently on Part 3 and I’m anxiously awaiting Part 3. In the meanwhile I want to share some of my favourite and some of the more though provoking links with you:

Now one thing I’ve noticed as I read through these articles, is that I;m guilty of some of the things they say not to do or I read books guilty of the same. This makes me have mini-panic attacks you know. Because there was one article that said not to introduce the protagonist too deep in action and I was like… my intro is really, really deep in all that… I have one piece of advice: Do Not Panic.

Look at it this way. Write what comes to you. Then rewrite. Then rewrite again and so on and so on. Don’t worry too much about those things all the time or you won’t get anywhere. Just concentrate on the writing. Those tidbits of info offered are like guidelines but you don’t always have to follow them. You’ll probably fine one article that says do A while another says Don’t do A. It is not the end of the world. Got that? Now go click some links!

Happy reading y’all,

K, the Popinjay.