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BBAW2011_graphic_ideaSo guys, I’m a little late with my first Book Blogger Appreciation Week post but I was kind of busy this weekend and Monday so forgive me. So Monday’s topic was Community where we were encouraged to highlight bloggers who have made an impact on us and our blogs in different ways so here goes!

Baffled Books

At the top of the list is Baffled Books! Why do you ask? Because without Lisa and K from over at Baffled Books, I would never have entered the world of book blogging. Lisa noticed my interest in her blog and when I expressed an interest in doing the same thing, she didn’t wave it off as another passing fancy of mine. No! She encouraged me and showed me a few of the ropes and both she and K helped me develop a love for blogging before I even started.

Supernatural SnarkNext up is Jenny from over at Supernatural Snark. She was on of my first consistent commentors on my blog. Although she never knew this, her comments were always a source of outside encouragement for me and made me feel like maybe I was actually doing something right. Her blog posts are also so cool and her Cover Critiques were super funny (can’t wait for them to start back up ^.^)

Alison can ReadAlison from over at Alison can Read started commenting on my blog for no reason that I can discern but I’m forever grateful. I also started secretly following her blog after that and have come across many insightful and beautifully written posts.


How have other bloggers affected you?

K, the Popinjay.