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Hey guys! This post is coming to you way mundo late but after having the net cut out and having to schedule and reschedule posts, I just decided to push the world-building challenge back a bit. Now this post will NOT bring you any exciting tidbits on world-building, instead it is mean to give you guys an idea of what you’ll expect in the coming weeks. Are you ready for it? Well let’s go!

You can expect two, that’s right: TWO, discussion like posts from me on world-building as I share with you all the information I’ve picked up on world-building. You can also expect at least two posts with links to interesting articles on world-building or on topics I think you guys might like to consider. You will get random ‘surprise’ posts, more like side notes of interesting things that pop back into my head, hence the random. I will do at least one post with recommendations for books that display excellent world-building or handle particular aspects of world building particularly well. Last but not least, you will have a very awesome guest post by the talented Lena Coakley.

Now the reason I decided not to start with the big post is because I can’t yet decide what to cut out. Quite a bit will have to end up in random side notes unless the other 90% of my brain kicks in and I’m hit with the knowledge of how to incorporate everything in two simple posts. Now I’m not giving you dates. This is in part due to my indecisive nature, as well as to the fact some of the features are “surprises” and the fact I may jump the gun on the guest post because it’s just so awesome. So let the world-building begin!

I’m excited, are you?

K, the Popinjay.