So I’ve been a bit lax with uploading posts lately and I’ve been feeling kind of guilty. I guess I haven’t been balancing everything well this semester but that should change this week. I’ve just worked out a new schedule which I’m going to stick to like super glue, which should result in me returning to my usual consistent posting.

Now, onto the real business. My world-building challenge will continue on through to the end of the month. I’ve been scheduling and rescheduling posts because I keep changing stuff but no more! I think I’ve worked out all my kinks and everything should be okay. In October you should look out for the Thin Air blog tour, hosted by Bree over at the Magic Attic. I’ll be participating on the 18th and the 20th. You can also expect at least one review per week as well as a post on writing with writing exercises every other week seeing as they take a little bit more time.

Hopefully everything will work out just fine.


K, the Popinjay.