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Hey everyone! Today marks an exciting day for both me and my blog! I’m taking part in my first book blog tour hosted by Bree over at The Magic Attic. The book being featured is Thin Air by Lynn Seresin. Today’s post is extra exciting because it’s an excerpt! That’s right! You get a sneak peak into the book itself. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

Once the dinner plates were cleared, we ordered coffee and dessert. At Daniel’s urging, I chose pineapple-flavored gelato. Once again, my spoon, which I was handling with greater ease now, was put to use. I had felt full to bursting after the lasagna, but the gelato was so smooth and delicious I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it to the last creamy mouthful. Then I turned my attention to my steaming cup of coffee.

I noticed Dante drank his without adding anything while Wren, Shane, And Daniel poured milk into theirs. I couldn’t tear my eyes from what, to me, was an astonishing magic trick—the turning of a dark, murky liquid into something that looked altogether different. Eager to work the enchantment myself, I poured a bit of milk into my cup and watched breathlessly as the white tendrils extended like feathery filaments of cloud across the dark surface. It took me a moment to realize that, once again, I was the center of attention.

“Is something wrong with your coffee? Has the milk gone sour?” Shane asked.

“Uh, no. It’s fine, really.”

“Here, take my spoon.” Dante slid a teaspoon across the table toward me. I picked it up and carefully stirred the milk into delicate swirls. I could still feel everyone’s eyes upon me as I carefully lifted the cup and took a sip. In addition to being scalding hot, the liquid tasted so bitter I pursed my lips.

“Their coffee’s really potent, but delicious,” Shane noted, blowing across the surface of his cup.

“Just the way I like my men,” Dante quipped, taking a sip.

Daniel passed me a sugar packet and our fingers momentarily touched. “This should help with the bitterness,” he said, gently. “Let me know if you need more.”

I wasn’t sure what to do next. I assumed the sugar was to be placed in the coffee, so I dropped it in my cup, paper packet and all.

“Uh, let me get that for you.”Daniel grabbed my spoon and quickly fished out the sodden packet. “It works a whole lot better if you pour the sugar directly into the coffee, like this.” I blinked back tears of frustration as he emptied a fresh packet into my cup and stirred it in.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, looking down at the cup as though it had wilfully made a fool

Daniel placed a soothing hand on my shoulder. His warmth radiated through me like sunlight.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” he said, softly. “We all have days like this. After all, you’re only human.”

If you guys are interested in buying Thin Air, it’s available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu. Also, there’s an absolutely awesome giveaway attached to this blog tour. The grand prize is a paperback copy of Thin Air as well as an earring, much like the type Alice would wear. To enter, you guys need to follow all the stops on the blog tour and collect the bold, red letter hidden in the post. Then at the end of the tour, you guys have to fill out THIS FORM and put the letters together for your chance to win. What are you waiting for?

Happy reading!

K, the Popinjay

Thin Air