OMG guys! OMG! I am so running around in circle with my hands thrown up in the air. Why? Other than the obvious fact that I am absolutely certifiable? Because November’s coming!!!

So some of you are sitting there, raising your eyebrows going.. what is this girl on about now? Of course November’s coming, it always comes at the end of October… Yes, I know. Trust me, I actually haven’t forgotten that yet but I’m excited/ terrified/ going bonkers over what November means for writers across the world. I can’t say it too loud… someone might hear… come closer… closer…

Nanowrimo is coming image

Indeed, that wonderful *cough* time filled with happy *cough* writing is nearly upon us. What does that mean for Nanoers every where? I’ll tell you! Nanowrimo is the name given to 30 days full of writing. And not just any writing. No, Nanowrimo is characterised as writing without stops. That means no dithering over a sentence because you want to get it just right, or even worrying a particular concept isn’t working. Nanowrimo looks you straight in the eye and goes: What do you think you’re doing?! Just type! Now! And it glares. And possibly uses colourful language. It’s a time to let go of you inhibitions and let everything go on the page in front of you. And by everything I mean words… just so you guys know…

I feel some skepticism. What about quality? Uhm, well I guess in a few *cough* cases that goes out the window. Nanowrimo’s about breaking down those barriers that stop writers from finishing their first draft. Wait did you guys see that? Those words: first draft? Yeah that typically means, hahaha you think you’re out of the woods but you’re so not succcckkaaaaa! Nanowrimo just makes your first draft say: Woods? What woods? You mean I have wander around through some trees too? Shoot me now…


I’m going to stand over here, and root for you! Just kidding! I’ll be totally hiding from all you crazy people. Moving on! It starts at 12 AM on Tuesday 1st, November and goes straight through to midnight on Wednesday the 30th. Will you be joining the masses?

nanowrimo badge write novel here

This is going to be fun,

K, the Popinjay.

P.S: Check my cool Nanowrimo Word Meter widget in the on the right, near the top. Might get a prettier one soon but for now, this is what we’re working with.