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Hey! Do you remember that post I did a while back full of some interesting links I’d found? Well, I liked it so much that I’m making it a regular, monthly feature on the blog. I mean, I could as well since I spend so much time, staring at a computer screen.

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So, what links did I like this month? Why don’t you take a look below:

  1. Please Lose Sight of Your Plot (Let The Words Flow) – An interesting article discussing the author’s personal preferences when it comes to plotting. I know I’m no plotter, what about you?
  2. How to Get Past Stuck Places in Your Plot (Savvy Authors) – Are you a plotter or a panster? Do you always know where your story’s going or do you frequently get stuck? The author of this post provides a ‘problem-solving’ technique to help you get over those annoying bumps.
  3. Top 5 Publisher-y Type Things Everyone Should Know About… (Farrah Penn) – Links to interesting sites/ apps/ twitter accounts that provide you with publishing industry information.
  4. How Should We Handle Racially ‘Diverse’ Characters in YA (Let The Words Flow) – An extremely enlightening post discussing race in YA as well as whitewashing. Honestly, before this post it never even crossed my mind that whitewashing exists. The links in the article to some of the stories are heart-wrenching.
  5. How to Create A Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps (How To Write A Book Now) – Here’s an article for all you pansters out there! Here, the author provides a method of plotting in eight easy steps. Hopefully this helps!

Does it say something about me that most of these links relate to plotting? I guess you all know where my problems lie! Besides, I figure these plot posts were great because Nanowrimo’s coming and I know people may want to do a quick outline or to get a quick idea of what they’re writing and where it’s going.

What links did you love this month?

K, the Popinjay.