This is Kristina here, reporting live but very tired from Day 5 of the annual Nanowrimo challenge. To be completely honest with you guys, this one’s been really challenging for me. First, I had three ideas for stories I wanted to write, yet I couldn’t choose between them. To solve that I created a poll and got you guys to vote. Then I tried writing about the wining idea. Let’s say it was a MAJOR fail.

This morning I hit a breakthrough. Lisa suggested I do a word sprint, which is where you write at a specified time for fifteen minutes straight. This exercise allows for writing in short, but powerful bursts. I first gave up on writing about shapeshifters and chose to write about mermaids instead. In two words sprints, I had 1,413 words and I was running late. Day 5

Even though I’m way behind schedule, I’m filled with tons of hope for the next couple of days. With a few more word sprints I should be back on track in no time. How have you guys been doing?

Happy writing!

K, the Popinjay.