Hey everyone, Nanowrimo 2011 is rapidly drawing to a close. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m probably not going to hit 50, 000 words by November 30th and I feel like that’s totally okay. I’m so pleased with the story I started this month, I can’t wait to finish it, even if it’s not in November. Here’s my current word count:

Day 26

Not too shabby now that I’ve broken 10,000. I must say I’m so proud of this story. It’s not absolute crap like the last story I was determined to finish. Thank goodness for small favours. Would you guys like another set of first lines? Was that a yes? Don’t mind if I do!

“Sara! What a pleasant surprise.” Lela smiled widely, showing off sharp teeth. She had woven burgundy seaweed into her hair today, and coloured her lips with some dark paste. “I was hoping to run into you, the Elders have some exciting news.”

Mmhhmm, this was a lovely chapter, at least the end was *evil grin*.

Happy writing all!

K, the Popinjay.