TGIFatGReadsGraphicThis is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger from GReads and it’s called TGIF @ GReads! Basically, Ginger uses it to do a short recap on that week’s posts as well as to pose a question to her followers. I’ll be answering that question here as well as doing my own recap of the week’s posts.

This Friday’s Question:

Writing Reviews 101: What’s your process for writing book reviews? Any tips or suggestions you would recommend to other bloggers?

Oh wow, I love this question! As anyone who reads my reviews might know my reviews are divided into two main sections: General Comments and Critical Review. Under General Comments, I usually talk about my emotional response to a book, basically if I liked it or not and how it made me feel. The Critical Review section is divided into four sub sections: Author’s Voice/ POV, Characters, Storyline/ Plot, and Other (This used to be called Cover & Blurb but I decided I didn’t like giving these a rank weighting). Under each of these subsections I summarise what the author did with each and whether they felt like they worked. Finally, I give my Rating Conclusion which is a rank out of five stars and maybe an overall summary.

My review process starts with drawing up my review schedule. Because I have so many e-galleys to read, I’ve made sure to slot them in to particular days every month so that I know when I’m on track and when I’m behind. Recently, I’ve started using a notebook to capture my feelings when I read books so that when I’m unable to write the review right away, I can look in my notebook and read a funny line and have all those feelings wash back over me. I find that I have a huge problem writing reviews right away, I really like to let my feelings about the book sink in. I feel like sometimes my best ideas for reviews during that ‘resting’ period.

When I finally get to writing my reviews, I use Windows Live Writer. Why, do you ask? Simply because I can structure my review and write bits and pieces at one point, then come back later to write some more. I don’t like to force out a full review because I usually end up hating what I’ve written and I rewrite it completely anyway. I don’t need silence to write a review, in fact, I can write one while surrounded by complete chaos. Writing a review is like reading a good book, I get so engrossed that everything becomes secondary and I love that.

What about you guys?

K, the Popinjay.