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Hunger Games Readalong

Do you remember The Hunger Games challenge I suggest a while back? Well due to inspiration from Lisa over at Baffled Books, I’ve decided to turn it into a readalong. Basically, I’m proposing that we all pick up our copies and read them over the course of January in preparation for The Hunger Games movie.

How To Participate

  1. Write a post and sign up using Mr. Linky at the bottom. Be sure to link to the blog post declaring your intent to take part.


  • January 1st: Reading begins!
  • January 7th: Progress Report #1 – End of Chapter 6
  • January 14th: Progress Report #2 – End of Chapter 12
  • January 21st: Progress Report #3 – End of Chapter 18
  • January 28th: Progress Report #4 – End of Chapter 24
  • January 31st: Final Report – End of Chapter 27


  1. You guys are welcome to take the picture above to put in your sidebar or in your declaration post. You could also make your own.
  2. You don’t need a blog to sign up. Simply comment on the relevant progress report posts.


P.S: I’ve switched the month of the readalong from February to January. Hope it’s not inconvenient for anyone.