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Keys to the RepositoryKEYS TO THE REPOSITORY (A Blue Bloods Companion)
Melissa De La Cruz
Young Adult – Paranormal
Hyperion Books
June 6th, 2010

Lavish parties. Passionate meetings in the night. Bone-chilling murders. Midterms. The day-to-day life of Schuyler Van Alen and her Blue Bloods friends (and enemies) is never boring. But there’s oh-so-much more to know about these beautiful and powerful teens. Below the streets of Manhattan, within the walls of the Repository, exists a wealth of revealing information about the vampire elite that dates back before the Mayflower. In a series of short stories, journal entries, and never-before-seen letters, New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz gives her hungry fans the keys to the Repository and an even more in-depth look into the secret world of the Blue Bloods.

Won’t you come inside?

You won’t get one of my usual reviews today, because this isn’t a usual book. In this companion book to the popular Blue Bloods series, readers will find the historical background of the series, character profiles, character stories, as well as a useful glossary of terms. I have to admit that I was surprised at the content but pleasantly so. On its own, the history would be confusing if you’ve never read any of the Blue Bloods novels but I thought it was nice to finally understand once and for all where the Blue Blood originated.  It was also really nice to have a glossary of terms so I could understand the meanings of a lot of the words used.

The character profiles and their stories were pretty good too. In my opinion, they would be great for writers to read so they could learn how to construct characters and weave them through an entire story, even one that stretches across several books. I even thought the character stories illustrated how to pull a story together and to balance multiple plot lines. The only problem with these features were that they are rife with spoilers. So while they’re great for anyone who’s read the series, this book may be not so great for someone who’s looking to get into the books.

Overall, I liked the book. While I got tired of all the character profiles after a while, I found the stories extremely interesting. It’s a great book for fans of the Blue Bloods Novels and for writers. It really piques the interesting and made me want to re-read the books. I’d say it earns four out of five stars.

Would you read it?

K, the Popinjay.

Disclaimer: This e-galley was received from the publisher, Hyperion Books, in exchange for an honest review.