Hey everyone! So I know some of you may be wondering what this Bird’s Eye View thing is about. Well I used to write book-related posts for another book blog, Baffled Books. However, this feature has been discontinued over there and I thought why not bring it over here? I’m already used to writing the posts every week, it’s not like it would be extra work. So here goes!

Have you ever created something and been so proud of yourself because you had made it with your own two hands? Have you ever felt, for one reason or the other, that the once-amazing something wasn’t good enough? That maybe you should just give up because obviously everyone could see that you were doing something very, very wrong?

I felt like that a couple months ago. It started simply with my request for an e-galley being rejected by the publisher. I was okay, because Words That Fly isn’t a big blog, stuff like that would happen. I wasn’t even bothered by the second or even the third rejection even though they all came in the same week. As I said, I knew I couldn’t get all my requests accepted. Then it happened again but this time it broke me. Five requests rejected, all in the same day. And with each rejections that came in the following week, the more I descended in a deep, dark pit of woe-is-me.

I had two options at that point. The first was to dwell on said rejections and what they possibly said about me as a book blogger. The second was to pull myself together and to take a serious look at my blog and what I was doing. It took me a few days but I marshalled my determination and I began a long journey of blog- and self-examination. It wasn’t easy, not by a long shot. I had to consider all kinds of blog stats, to find a stat counter that gathered lots of information, and to find different methods of blog/ website ranking. I also had to examine my life, in order to figure out how to better manage my time so I could be more consistent with my posts as well as to increase the number of posts I supply weekly. I even decided to redesign my blog, because it deserves a bit of a facelift.

Quite honestly, I expected myself to be tired of my blog, of books, and of blogging at the end of the process. Instead I felt renewed. I was and still am brimming with excitement and enthusiasm of all the changes to come. I could be in the middle of class, or of work, and a new idea for the blog would hit me and I would have to write it down so that I could examine it for all its pros and cons. I am so excited for you guys to see the changes I’ve made. I’ve instituted only a few so far and already I’ve seen the difference in the blog and in myself. To me, the future heralds the news of great things to come. 🙂

Have you guys ever made big changes to something you love?