Hunger Games Readalong

So here’s Progress Report 3 for my ‘The Hunger Games Readalong’! It’s a little/ a lot late but better late than never… unless it’s a university class. Enjoy!





Warning: Spoilers. That is all.

Chapter 13:

My heart was in my throat for the entire chapter. First, that horrible fire just when Katniss thought she could relax for the night. Then the fireballs ready to burn her to a crisp. And the burns. I shudder at the very thought of being burnt like that. And now, after running her little heart out and climbing a tree with burnt and blistered hand who should appear but the Career Tributes? So Katniss is up a tree, and they know she’s up a tree, and they’re going to wait for her to come down… The one bright spot? The appearance of little Rue. Maybe she’ll prove helpful. What do you guys think?

Chapter 14:

So by now we know about the Capitol’s fondness for making weird mutations to help themselves win wars and little Rue points out a nest full of them in the same tree as Katniss. Tracker Jackers, or mutated wasps with golden bodies and extremely venomous stings. All I wanted to know was what was Katniss really going to do? Especially in her shape. And surprise! She gets medicine and is able to carry out her devious plan and sends the entire nest full down onto the Career Tributes’ heads.

At that point I really felt sorry for them. Especially after Katniss was stung and had such a horrible reaction. What happens to Glimmer turned my stomach completely. No really, thinking about it now gives me shivers. I can’t fathom how Katniss was able to overcome her hallucinations to get the bow and arrows from Glimmer’s body especially when Cato returned. I thought it was all over for her. Until Peeta appeared. And saved her. From Cato. No really, was your mind not blown? But I’m so happy. Peeta’s not horrible anymore! Yay!

Chapter 15:

To be optimistic, at the beginning of this chapter Katniss now has the bow and arrows meant for her. Unfortunately, she’s also fallen into a hole and is hallucinating horribly. The idea that the Capitol engineered the tracker jackers so well that their venom targets the part of the brain where fear is centred, well it’s extremely scary. Would you want to live in a world like that? Really, think about it. But finally the hallucinations disappear and Katniss is on teh move again despite her injuries. And we meet Rue again! I swear that  little girl is so endearing. I love her already and I can see why Katniss would trust her.

Chapter 16:

There’s a marked contrast between Rue and Katniss. While they both understand that they’re in a pretty dire situation, while Katniss is cool and calculating, Rue is optimistic and even happy. I like the fact that they agree to team up as Rue really brings out Katniss’ more sensitive, protective side. I especially like their plan to get rid of the Career Tributes’ food. To even up the odds.

Of course, their plan wouldn’t go perfectly. The Career Tributes have recruited a boy from District 3 and he’s managed to put mines all around the Career Tributes’ food. This has more or less prevented most people from stealing any (Foxface being the exception) but they never counted on it working against them. Katniss does the unthinkable and blows it all sky high. What a girl.

Chapter 17:

Unfortunately, Katniss was too close to the explosion. She can’t hear. She can’t walk. She can hardly see straight but she manages to crawl into the bushes and hides herself right in the nick of time. The Career Tributes are pissed big time buuuuut Cato is furious. He kills the boy from District 3 like it’s nothing and the others convince him to stay at their camp because the person who destroyed their food has likely been blown up. A few hours later, they realise that’s not the case and they all take off. Leaving the culprit hidden in the bushes just a few feet away.

This is all Katniss needs to get going. Hearing in one of her ears is returning and she can walk so she immediately tries to find Rue. Two of the fires planned as distractions have been lit but the last one is untouched. Katniss realises something is terribly wrong when Rue screams and Katniss takes off but she’s only in time to watch a boy drive a spear into Rue’s side.

Chapter 18":

That heartless boy! How could he do it?! Serves him right that Katniss kills him! As you can tell I was pretty caught up by this point. Especially because Rue was dying. Poor, sweet Rue. Rue who reminded Katniss of Prim in every way. I wanted to cry. I was on a bus and I really wanted to cry. There are no words to describe teh feelings that flooded my body as Katniss sang Rue to sleep or as she covered Rue’s body in flowers. This was probably one of the most emotional chapters so far. I was cursing ther Careers. I was cursing the Hunger Games. I really felt everything that Katniss felt all in that moment. The unfairness. The cruelty. Ugh.

Then they announce the rule change. Two winners? If they’re from the same district. Katniss, has the same thought I do: Peeta. Oh you better go get him and make this story less sad.

Now those were six action and emotion packed chapters. Uggh. Uuuugh. What did you guys think?