Hunger Games Readalong

Guuuuys! It’s the penultimate progress report for my The Hunger Games readalong! How’s it going for everyone? Have you guys given up on reading by section and just finished the book? I did. Honestly, it was painful not being able to just keep reading so I stopped fighting the impulse. So here’s a blow-by-blow of what I thought of chapters 19 to 24.



Warning: Rife with spoilers. Just sayin’.

Chapter 19:

I’m loving the new rule at this point: Katniss has no choice but to find Peeta. As you may or may not know I’ve been rooting for him all along because he’s so endearing, bless his heart. Finding him turns out to be a real chore though and Katniss’ words come back to bite her in the ass as it seems frosting cakes was the skill that saved him from death after all. And even in the shape he’s in he’s still cute and flirty.

I like watching a side of Katniss that’s not cold and calculating or affectionate. A side that she’s rather not let surface mainly because she’s so squeamish when it comes to blood, pus, and bad injuries. It definitely makes her seem more human, more like someone I can relate to. Especially because it makes a baby of her. Good to know she isn’t perfect right? And oh my god did she just kiss him?! Heart palpitations all around people. Moving merrily along….

Chapter 20:

I liked this chapter because I felt it displayed the softer side of Peeta’s emotions as well as Katniss’ feelings, you know the ones she doesn’t understand. I like how gentle and tender he is with her, kissing the back of her hand and stroking her hair. I like how Katniss chose to tell him such a personal story. I absolutely loved their argument over whether Katniss would go to the feast or not. Peeta valued her safety over his life and Katniss valued his life over her safety. It felt: right; if you know what I mean. What I loved the most was the fact that Katniss was willing to upset Peeta to save him.

Chapter 21:

As much as I love emotional scenes, sometimes I need action scenes to break them up and this one was good. I was almost screaming at Katniss. How could you let Clove get you?! How could you let her get you?! And then when it became obvious that she wasn’t going anywhere I loved that Katniss refused to give Clove the satisfaction of hearing her scream especially when Clove decided to brag about Rue’s death. Of course it was her undoing once Thresh got a hold of her. Katniss was lucky. Really lucky. And the fact that only luck saved her this time was just a tad scary.

Chapter 22:

Katniss is so undeniably daft. Honestly, I want to smack her. How can she not see what’s become glaringly obvious?! But at least she exasperates me in that regard, it’s good to know she really does care for him even if she doesn’t completely understand why. I’m not one for PDA, and all the kissing in the earlier chapter started to wear on me but this time it’s not just a kiss or a set of kisses. This is an emotionally charged scene because as much as Katniss doesn’t realise, she’s developing feelings for the blond-haired baker’s boy and I love it. And who doesn’t love Peeta’s story about how he fell in love with Katniss? Who couldn’t like that?

Chapter 23:

It takes a great writer to create a story that’s just the right amount of action and emotion. I like how in this chapter Peeta and Katniss learn more about each other. I especially like that Katniss realises that maybe Peeta’s life isn’t as easy as she always thought. And that just because Peeta’s family isn’t dirty and starving doesn’t mean they’re well off, pampered, and spoilt.

And in just a little while, after all the tender moments Katniss is peeved at Peeta because he makes so much noise in the woods. But it turns out to be a blessing in disguise because he attracts Foxface, who steals some of their food. Unfortunately, some of the berries that Peeta has just gathered are deadly and in moments Foxface is history. With Thresh also dead, it’s just Cato standing between them and the end of the games.

Chapter 24:

The end is coming. We know it and so do they. Yet the Capitol feels the need to hurry it along and drains all water except that of the lake. There’s going to be a showdown and Peeta and Katniss won’t delay. But Cato has a surprise up his sleeve. Full body armour that Katniss’ arrows can’t penetrate. But he’s not running at them, he’s running from something. And whatever it is, it isn’t anything good.

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