Hunger Games Readalong

OMG Guys! It’s January 31st! That means it’s time for our fifth and final progress report. Eeeee! As excited as I am, I’m also sad that we won’t be taking this journey together any longer. Hopefully, I’ll host some readalongs in the future (and post on time). Cheers to all of you for sticking around until the end.



Warning: Spoilers! Last three chapter spoilers. Epic chapters. Epic spoilers. You were warned.

Chapter 25:

No. The Capitol couldn’t possibly have taken the dead tributes DNA and used it to create freakish werewolf mutations. No one’s that sick or twisted. Right? Uhm, apparently I was wrong. How could they use them like that? The people in the Districts must be aghast. And besides they’re just horrid. And they’re going to drag someone over the side, if someone doesn’t get thrown over first!

I was biting my nails the entire time Cato had a hold on Peeta. I was so worried. But Katniss’ awesome aim prevails and instead Cato is the one who goes careening into the pack of mutts. And as much as I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t wish his fate on anyone. Did anyone else get the sneaky suspicion the wolves weren’t really supposed to kill anyone? Rather that were to wound? And wound badly? I know Cato had the army which is what supposedly ‘saved him’ but his head was exposed. I’m sure they could’ve killed him still. Ugh thinking about it makes me nauseous.

But now Cato is dead, thanks to Katniss and an arrow. So Peeta and Katniss have won! Yay! Wait… the Capitol’s going back on their earlier change of the rules. You have GOT to be kidding me.  And I don’t believe Katniss honestly thought Peeta would kill her. But her last idea to thwart them seems genius. And it works.

Chapter 26:

So after outsmarting the Capitol, Katniss is still in danger? Well, I can so see why. These are obviously not people to be crossed if they take children and put them in a ring to fight to the death for the entertainment of the minority and the pain of the majority. I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Katniss to pull off her little act. You’d think she’d be used to putting on a show by now, but obviously it still takes some work.

Chapter 27:

Katniss. You IDIOT!!! Why would you tell him teh truth?! How could you be so oblivious and stupid?! You just broke his heart! YOU. BROKE. HIS. HEART!!! *cries* (These few sentences sum up all my thoughts for the last chapter. I am not Katniss’ biggest fan at this point.)

Guys. Thos last chapters. The epicness. The. Epic. Ness. O.O What did you guys think? Be sure to link up below so I can check in and comment.