So, my last post mentioned me being back in two weeks’ time. That was February 9th. Two months ago. Egads. So what have I been up to? Finishing my undergraduate degree! Mainly I had a ton of projects to do including a research project, which is like a mini-thesis. I wrote on the Effect of The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis of 2008 on Delinquency Rates in Commercial Banks in Barbados. And I finished that ish! Hells yes. Then I had exams. Not fun. But I had the last one today! Words That Fly is officially (for the second time) an active book blog.

So what can you expect? Me digging up posts I had written and stored. Me writing new posts. Me reading. Me, me, me. And lots of books. And guess what. Next week is going to be pretty exciting. Why? The blog turns one! Yes, my blog, Words That Fly, will be an entire year old. While it hasn’t been active for the entire year, it’s still a big achievement.

So what do you guys think?