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Clothes played a sizeable role in the book, Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters. This isn’t because the writer or the protagonist were huge fashion buffs but rather because what you wear is considered important in defining who you are, particularly in high school. That’s why I decided to pay special attention to some of the key outfits featured.

Kelsey's first day outfit


First day of freshman year! So the first day is pretty important. It’s the day where you make those nearly unbreakable first impressions and boy oh boy does Kelsey make her mark. Who can forget such a shiny, red blazer, especially if it’s on film…

Kelsey's first kiss outfit

Kelsey gets kissed! A girl’s first kiss is a pretty important part of her life, it;s something she’ll remember forever. Unfortunately for Kelsey, hers doesn’t go quite as planned but at least she looks hot, right? :S

Kelsey's prom outfit

Kelsey goes to prom! I’ve never personally been to a prom myself, we don;t have them in Barbados, but in lots of books and shows on high school, the prom is a pretty big deal. It’s probably even more of a big deal if you go as a freshman. Go, Kelsey!

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