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sunnythursdaypicHey, guys! It’s a gorgeous, sunny Thursday here in Barbados, as you can see in my pic, and I wish you guys all were here to enjoy it with me! But on another note, I’ve recently been really into my music, and I’ve been making special attempts to learn the names of the songs I hear and love and it’s made me think about playlists.

Yes, playlists. All movies have playlists, basically a set of songs that get played at different parts of the movie that each compliment or enhance the tone of the scene. Lots of books have playlists too. How many of you know about Stephanie Meyer’s playlist? She made it public and posted the whole thing on her website ages ago. And since then I know lots of authors talk about the music they listened to as they wrote certain books.

Everyone knows music seems to have a power over people. A catchy tune can really lift our moods, while something steady and classical can calm us down. That’s why I think music is a great aid in writing. For example, if I’m ever having trouble capturing an emotion, or a feeling in a scene, I can usually think of a song or find one that captures the feeling I want and listen to it  so I get caught up in that feeling. Of course, this can also serve as a distraction but it comes down to knowing yourself and sticking to your guns. So today, I’m going to share with you guys some music that I listen to when writing my various works-in-progress.

This is Obsession by Sky Ferreira. I feel like it perfectly captures the emotions of my two main characters, near the opening of one WIP. And no it is not about stalker teens or anything.

This is Ruby Red Roses by Threads of Scarlet. It captures perfectly how the male protag in another of my WIPs feels about the female protag.

Why so many lovey-dovey songs? I dunno, maybe I have trouble capturing those feelings and transferring them into words without the help of music like this.

What do you guys think of the songs? Do you rely on music when writing?