About Me

Hi! Welcome to Words That Fly. I’m Kris and I’m a writer, voracious reader, blogger and auditor. I’m the kind of person, who always has a million thoughts going through MY head and can never decipher any of them. I’m likely to ramble (a lot) and sometimes I trip over my own sentences. The most important thing is that I love books and stories. I love to read them and I love to write them and it was out of this passion that Words That Fly was born. This blog has four main purposes:

1. It makes me write at least three out of the seven days in a week.
2. It helps me and others to get back into the writing mentality.
3. It gives me a way to record my thoughts about books which I feel motivate me to write.
4. And most importantly, it encourages me to take time out from the constant grind of daily life to do one of the things I love most: READ!


I hope you all enjoy,
Love K.


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