Review Policy

Review Method

All my reviews are reflections of my honest opinion and true feelings towards the books I’ve read. My reviews are divided into two sections: General Comments and Critical Review. The General Comments field will show exactly what my overall emotional response to the book was while the Critical Review breaks the story down into four aspects: Author’s Voice/ POV, Characters, Storyline/ Plot, and Cover & Blurb. Then I give my overall Rating Conclusion which will reflect whatever I’ve said in my review.

I do not promise an ecstatic review. I do not promise a good rating. However, I can promise that I will not tear a book apart nor will I attack the author. I can appreciate that a book might simply not be for me and I try to show exactly what did not appeal to me so that potential readers can make a decision based on their own preferences


I prefer to review Young Adult books here at Words That Fly. Specifically:

  1. Paranormal
  2. Dystopian
  3. Contemporary
  4. Mystery/ Suspense
  5. Fantasy
  6. Historical Fiction
  7. Steampunk

I am also quite willing to review Paranormal Romance and Chick Lit and this is of the non-YA variety. However, these two will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Formats Accepted

I accept bound copies, ARCS/ Galleys, PDFs and e-books compatible with Kindle or Adobe Digital Editions.

Self-Published Authors

I have no problem with accepting self-published works as long as the grammar and spelling are correct and the story is formatted properly. I reserve the right to accept these on a case-by-case basis. As for the genres I accept, please see above.

Note: I will NOT be accepting requests from self-published authors until JULY 2012. This is because I have fallen behind on my requested review schedule.

Scheduling of a Review

I will do my best to review ARCS withing the month preceding its publication date under my ARCs in the Afternoon feature. For already published books or an ARC that I have after the publication date I will review it in my Morning Muse feature and will try my hardest to review it within two months of receiving it. If I am unable to review it within this time period, I will always contact you and let you know.

If you have any further questions or wish to contact me for a review, feel free to email me at:

Please entitle emails requesting a Book Review as: Book Review Request. This will ensure that the email will go into the right folder, that you will get a response within three days, and finally that I won’t simply delete the email as spam.


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