Hunger Games Readalong

Heyguys! The Hunger Games readalong is still going strong and here comes progress report number 2 covering chapters 7 to 12.




Warning: *insert fire engine alert noise here* Spolier alert. Spoiler alert. If you hadn’t realised, this is a spoiler alert. Just thought you guys should know.

Chapter 7:

So, did you guys notice how used to Capitol life Katniss has become? So used to the conveniences and luxuries? Though she is going into a competition where she’s expected to fight for her life, why shouldn’t she enjoy those not-so small comforts? And then Peeta and Katniss’s argument where they’re basically expounding on each other’s virtues. It gave me warm fuzzies. It was so absolutely adorable and even eye-opening.

I absolutely have to say this: Katniss can be so oblivious! She’s like a horse with blinders on. She’s focused on what sort of thing only and she won’t open her mind to anything else. And it’s somewhat frustrating. Except that I can tell something has to make her shake off those blinders. And when she does it’s going to be brilliant. Why? Because she’s Katniss, and thus kickass. Did you guys read the individual display of talent scene? Uhm, what about that doesn’t scream ‘kickass’ to you guys?

Chapter 8:

This chapter was full of emotional turmoil as felt by Katniss. My heart was breaking as she struggled to come to terms with the fact that she missed people. Missed Gale. She missed how he just understood her. I completely understand. Having someone just know what you’re like, and how you think, and how’d you react to every little thing is extremely powerful. The connection that they must have, is deeper than we realised and it made me ask: What does Katniss really feel for Gale?

Chapter 9:

Now in this chapter, Haymitch tries to prepare Katniss for her three-minute interview infront which will be aired all over Panem. It was entertaining watching him struggle to get her to fit in one hole. And then it was enlightening trying to figure out where I would have put her. I settled on strength. Not the physical kind but inner strength. And tons of it. Would you agree? Then Peeta made his announcement about his crush on Katniss. Wow-oh-wow. Just. Wow.

Chapter 10:

This chapter put the spotlight on Peeta. Up until now we’ve seen only snatches of what he’s like and we have no idea about his true intentions. Here, we really see him. He feels so much, that is immediately obvious. And he thinks deeply, though not like Katniss. He doesn’t think in cold, matter-of-fact lines. He thinks with emotion. He has ideals that he’s not willing to give up on. He’s strong too. But he’s someone we’re more likely to identify with.

Chapter 11:

Let the games begin! Blood racing, hearts thumping against our chest, we watch as the Hunger Games start and the twenty-four tributes begin the fight for survival. At the very beginning, Katniss hesitates, something we didn’t expect from a girl who’s always thinking, always making decisions, even the difficult ones. But despite that hiccup, we see very plainly that Katniss is definitely the survivor we believe her to be and we know, we just know, she’s going to make it through. Even when she’s thrown a curve ball no one could expect as Peeta does the unthinkable, she pushes on. She will let nothing stop her.

Chapter 12:

So my question here is: Peeta, what game are you playing (because you better be playing a game –_-)? It was so annoying not to know what he was thinking. I know by now that Katniss can play just about any game and be better than most people but I want to see why Peeta has joined the enemy. Where did that boy full of thoughtfulness and deep emotions go? Peeta! Peeta, my love! Come back to me!

And oh-em-gee! Katniss! Get up! You cannot die! Not here! Not now! Lilies? Mud? Even I know what they mean girl! Get your ass up! About time! I’ll put down that lag to extreme dehydration. Poor girl can’t even get a break. She’s managed to avoid death once and now she’s got to do it again? I’m on the edge of my seat! Katniss! Don’t diiie!

So guys share your thoughts on these chapters with me. I can’t wait to hear them!